Member of Provincial Parliament Sarah Jama, Hamilton Centre MPP - Independent

MPP Sarah Jama

Sarah's Vision

Over the next session at Queen’s Park, MPP Jama will be working on tackling much needed changes to issues in our riding that have been brought to our office by the people of Hamilton Centre.

This includes:


Many of our community members are living in precarious housing situations. With 60% of Hamiltonians being renters, MPP Jama is working with city councillors to introduce rent control in a way that allows everyone to afford a place to live. Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) tribunals are not set up to serve everyday people living in the reality of this housing crisis. MPP Jama is working with ACORN Hamilton and other housing advocates to bring their plans to fix the LTB to the Ontario Legislature.


A strong, well funded, public healthcare system is essential for a thriving community. MPP Jama is fighting against the privatization of our healthcare system and working with local organizations to make sure our healthcare workers are paid fairly, and supported.

Social Assistance

Social assistance rates are not where they need to be to ensure that people with disabilities, injured workers, older adults, and people unable to work can afford food and housing. Working with the ODSP Action Coalition, MPP Jama is fighting at Queen’s Park to bring the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) and Ontario Works (OW) in line with a livable income.


The effects of climate change are catastrophic, and impacting us locally. MPP Jama along with Environment Hamilton and other climate and environmental justice groups are working together
to make sure Hamilton and Ontario are doing their part in protecting the planet, with legislative focus on improving air quality in Hamilton Centre.


Download the Hamilton Centre Strategic Priorities 2024 Brochure