Member of Provincial Parliament Sarah Jama, Hamilton Centre MPP - Independent

MPP Sarah Jama

Meet Sarah Jama

Sarah Jama in a grey suit sits smiling in her wheelchair on a street in east Hamilton. Winter trees arc over the street.

Sarah Jama is an Independent Member of Provincial Parliament for Hamilton Centre. Jama's community work spans over a decade in Ontario and beyond, and includes running intersectional leadership, education, and civic engagement programming for youth, starting grassroots organizations for different social inequities, including food insecurity programming, and championing anti-oppression initiatives in her communities. Prior to being elected, Jama was a sessional faculty member at McMaster University, and the Executive Director at the Disability Justice Network of Ontario.

A well-known changemaker, Jama amplifies and creates spaces for young people by promoting skill building, knowledge sharing, and introductions to community organizing.

As a Member of Provincial Parliament, Sarah Jama brings her grassroots organizing experience and deeply rooted connections in community to Queen’s Park to provide platforms for disenfranchised folks who are often dismissed. She encourages them to share their experiences, suggestions, and grievances on a Provincial level.

At the Encampment Rally in front of the Hamilton Sign at City Hall, MPP Sarah Jama speaks into a microphone. A handmade sign behind her reads, \With a keffiyeh draped across her lap, Sarah Jama flashes a peace sign, posing with fellow volunteers in front of a Goodwill Amity van.